Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us For Your Case Investigation?

We have professional & experienced investigators, high-end detection equipment, as well as a wealth of case handling and consulting experience, and your case is absolutely confidential!

Our Private Investigator Agency Has The (Kementerian Dalam Negeri) Approved License

In GM Safety Training Sdn Bhd, we will provide case analysis and to offer our clients the best choice, but also share the customer to share all the worries and anxieties.

We use high-tech tools & equipments to help to complete the investigation.

We will give appropriate advice and advice based on different cases, Maxell Enterprise Investigator is determined not to waste customers ‘ money and time.

Our Investigator has a wealth of experience in the actual search & investigation cases, which can help customer to avoid wasting unnecessary resources and trouble.

We provide our clients with detailed case reports, and customers can use the case reports we provide in any court.

The most important thing is honesty, which make us different from the others is that we always emphasize on personal and business ethics.

We pledge will never divulge or sell the principal’s investigation report.

GM Safety Training Sdn Bhd

We ready to provide you with professional advices and assistances, let your entrust reliable and peace of mind.


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